Gran Prix Louisville

OK it was party time. With no UCI pts. I took a back row start on Saturday. #77 out of 95 or so. I think I was almost the last guy through the first corner. It was SLICK as snot on the course. I felt good on the course but the first 2 laps were NUTZ. I went over the bars at least 3 times. I would come around a corner to see 3-4 guys on the ground and just plow into them. It was a junk show. I moved up steadily the whole race till I ended in 42nd. I am pretty darn happy with the ride. I had good fitness and even though we race for 72 minutes I felt great. Our lap times were as fast as the winner for the 35+ and those guys are fast.
Much better start 42nd bib# Horner and Craig were right next to me so no excuses here. Huge wreck in the first corner!! A bunny hop and I made it through. I would say I was in the 60's at this point. I slowly moved up to 43rd and that was all I had. 42 guys were faster for sure today. I stayed upright the hole race.
The course was RAD...... Fast and Flat...... A big run-up or hill would have been nice but it was a stellar course. The field of riders was stronger than any other I have raced in. I hope to better my fitness a bit before IOWA in 4 weeks.


kris said...

I think you need a new helmet.

Team Rico said...

what wheels/tires you sportin

sam krieg said...

Funny about the helmet I got a new one saturday. The old giro has a few cracks and is glued together for cx so it was time.

Tires. I am running the GRIFO 34's challenge. They rock. I have 2 sets on a pair of 303 Zipps and a set on a x-lite bontrager. This was the first race on them. They rocked. I ran them super low PSI on saturday in the mud and they hooked up great.

Team Rico said...

I'll have to check the Grifos out for my next set of tubulars.

Sam I do have the bug and next year I will be 100 % cross and hitting up Masters Nationals cause I'll be the big 30. Your site is very helpful, hope to see you soon for some Utah cross