Week 5 back to WEEK 1

Like all things......... life happens. OK here is the plan. Re-Start the plan Week 1-12( Nats). I completed Week (1-3) did VEGAS CX during my rest week and now Back at it from the start. I need the VOLUME of week 1-3 during the Month of October to get my CTL over 90 and hopefully to 100. I completed 3 weeks straight before I started the Plan so I had almost 6 weeks ON before Vegas. For those of you good at Math you will find it is only 11 weeks till natz. My goal is to shorten the taper a bit after thanksgiving. The other thought is that LIFE will happen in the next 12 weeks and force a week off for injury or illness. So I should be able to do 12 weeks in 11 weeks. In total I will have 15 weeks of training in for CX this year.
So How did WEEK one the 2nd TIME go. WELL I made it hard. Things went pretty stellar. I felt like I had bad legs all week but each time I trained I had great NUMBERS. Saturday took the CAKE.. It snowed so I was INDOOR. I got in 30+ minutes of threshold(2x5 and 2x10) and a BLOW out of 375 on the trainer seated. Not Bad. I was able to do a STRAIGHT Hour of tempo at 305.....with Bursts to 420-450 for 20 seconds every 2 minutes.


kris said...

I heard Trebon is reading your blog and he is a bit scared. He's thinking about buying the supersecret mega psycho plan.

sam krieg said...

i hope Trebon is as confused as I was this week. The Vegas week took me for a loop. My training was all over the place. ( BUT I GOT IT IN) I spent the week trying to figure out where to re-start. After scrapping many of my plans...It made sence to go back to WEEK 1 and DO it straight through to NATZ MINUS one week somewhere. I will do 3 ON 1 off TILL louisville and 3 on AGAIN 1 OFF for IOWA. SO that is 8! Then I have only 3 weeks till NATZ so I hope to tweak the last 3 weeks to have a great taper.