Week 5

Ok Week 5 has been hard so far. I think the travel and gettting a bit ill didn't help. I survived the 4x15 minute and then the Micro Burst 4x10 min. Watts are a bit down. I did hit a solid Blowout so I know all is not lost. The rest week threw me for a loop. It is hard to take a break from the work and then go back to it. This next 3 weeks are super important so I need to get the work in. I really want to crack a 90 CTL. I need a bit more load than the last 2 cycles to pull that off. I don't want to end up in Iowa fried but I need more horsepower than I had in Louisville..... This is the last solid 3 weeks before we start to back down a bit for natz. I need to make them count. So I am going to load up a bit this weekend and not race and them try to make next week a bit harder. That should help. I feel like I have great fitness but am lackind the extra punch to just RIP on the cranks.

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kris said...

Time for an "H" consult. In my opinion, a foray into the burning anaerobic/short VO2 max will bring your form to a peak AND improve your TH power. Confuse and stress your body.