Week 1 DOWN 11 to GO

Ok week one is over. I will be repeating it with some tweaks after Vegas CX. Ok the body adapts. I pretty much drug through the week. saturday I did 2x23 minute mock race efforts and 5 by 2 minute. Hard ride but watts were LOW............But by Sunday I felt strong again. I opted for a trainer workout because time was short. I did a 30+ minute run and 2 hours on the trainer. Got in some great threshold and a BLOW out of 375watts indoor. not bad. It felt good not epic. 170 tss for the day. At weeks end I feel good again. Legs really did come around and I feel the best I have all week. MEGA. Got in 2x10 minute efforts today at 332 with a super low Hrate . So I still have tons of work to do but a decent sign that I am headed in the right direction.


kris said...

Well there you have it, drugging through the week seems to be the way to go. With the big drug testing happening on weekends it's probably safer also.

Juston said...

The reason your HR was low in your last session is because you were not recovered from your previous sessions.

Read this: http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/heart-vitality-training-and-heart-rate-monitors-as-aids-to-athletic-performance

A common mistake cyclist make when training for cyclocross is too much running. I don't believe your recovery days are easy enough. Your watts files do not reflect a run that includes intervals. Do you run all year? Would you advise a beginner cyclist to do cycling intervals; does your running program include a base period or an adaptation phase? Does running really help in cyclocross; you only run 80meters at a time max? I am interested in your Blog and your results since I want to see the outcome of your very aggressive program. I really do wish you the best and we can all learn from each other. I hope to learn from you and I am glad your documenting your year.

sam krieg said...

Juston. no doubt the legs are tired it was my 3rd day on. BUT what is cool for me is that 330 is always hard for me. Rarely do I ride 330+ with Sub 165 Hrate. When I am blown my Hrate is low but watts are always low with it. My percieved exertion was pretty MILD during these efforts. I had more in the tank but didn't want to kill it today. To hit 375 for the blow out and 330+ for the back to back 10's right after two 5 minutes at low cadence was a good sign that the fitness was coming back. Normally I hit the 10's and have little power left to keep the pedals turning over. I will do 3x20's next thursday it will be cool to see what happens.