WEEK 2 3X20's thursday

Ok, I have Vegas CX next WED!! The week started pretty lame with LIFE happening and JUST getting runs in MON/Tuesday. I ran hard Tuesday and just couldn't get to the bike. WED I did 8 by 5's
Ok the blow out was sick 397! ON the trainer! ( will check SRM tomorrow)
I was going hard but backed it off a bit knowing i had 7 more to GO. I did the others over 350 so that was pretty rad for me. I did 4 inside and then 4 outside on the CX bike on CX course. I just jumped off the trainer and headed outside for the 2ND half. Legs feel great. they felt incredible running on Tuesday also. I can only get in a few more days before I back off a bit for Vegas. 3 by20's Thursday that should be interesting

Thursday !!! CHECKED SRM all is GOOD
3 BY 20's.. I ran for 30 minutes easy this morning with the PUPS....
Ok, if you read the plan it sounds hard...IT is. BUT I am surviving and still gaining some watts. I had 3 hard weeks before I started the plan and still am drilling it.
It was on. I nailed the first one at almost 340. I kind of ramped and held on for life. I figured if I was going to do it...I might as well get a solid 20 minute out of the deal. I backed way down for the other 2, but kept it in my threshold range. So this is SOLID for me. 4 weeks ago I did all 3 efforts barely over 300 with the same Hrate as today. GOOD sign the legs are headed the right direction. I did each effort 30 watts HIGHER than last time. I had to change my Performance Manager Chart to adjust for the higher threshold. It dropped my TSS by a bit. So Still in the MID 80's for CTL. Not very high ....and with Interbike I will have a hard time getting in rides next week.


kris said...

you could set up your trainer at interbike....do some intervals. Set up 2 trainers and a scale and have a contest--beat Sam, win a bag!

sam krieg said...

that is a great idea!!
Have a 5 minute contast
Watt to KILO style on the SEVEN. Break 6.0 and win a bag + $20
that would be worth it to see.
Not a bad IDEA