WEEK 7 5 weeks left

Yep that is it
5 weeks left.
Training is going well. This past weekend I raced in Salt Lake and had an epic race. I hate making excuses .......but here is mine. I rolled my tubular on the first lap. Rolled it back on with some mad skills and managed to LIMP 1/2 a lap to the pit. Now here is where it gets a bit funny. I grabbed my pit bike..... jumped on and rode about 30 meters. My feet wouldn't clip in. I noticed that "my bike" had different pedals..."Yeah silly I know" It was the "same bike" just not mine. So I rode back...... got my rig and was off. I was in LAST... I mean I was in the cheap seats. I wanted to drop out but I knew I would have to go train hard if I did....... so I made the best of it. Just tried to KILL it!!!!! I didn't really feel like I was moving up, but as the laps turned I found myself in the top 10 and I finished 6th. Not to far back of 2nd. Maybe 50 seconds??? or so. I was proud of myself for stayin with it when I wanted to quit. Super bummned that things didn't roll my way but that is what CX is all about. WE all flat and wreck!!!!!! it is part of the sport. What is cool is I know I must have some fitness to have ridden back into the race. I feel good and the watts are still rad. I have had a few days I havn't wanted to train but I have kept my promise to do the work!!!!!! This past weekend I did 2 hours on sunday on the trainer and 1 hour of running. I have been doing 1 hour tempo rides with stomps every 3 minutes for 20'seconds!! Last week my Micro Bursts ROCKED. I felt like I could have done 3 more sets. This is really that last hard week!! WEEK 7!!

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Bill said...

Good job man, sounds like one of my races. Way to hang in there.